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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Us ~ Behind the Camera

So I have to admit it. If I had to choose sides, then behind the camera it is.  I am much more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it.  When I have the camera, in my hand, I get a totally different view of the world. Good excuse right? So Corey and I are usually the ones taking the photos and not the objects being photographed, but that's ok! 

Sometimes, only sometimes, we can get a little crazy and actually snap a picture of us!  You know that famous shot; holding the camera out at arms length, chin down, eyes up, just hoping to get just one good shot where our heads are not cut off!  But after we tried that a few times with "da mark" (our 5D Mark II camera & lens with lots of gadgets attached and a huge flash sitting on top of it that weighs a friggin ton!), we've come to realize we won't be getting too many shots of us!  

But here's a few photos of us including a couple of those "classic" shots but most, of course, from behind the camera.  

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Nicole

Us ~ Little River Lake 2011

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