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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Missing the whole picture........

In November I took a weekend bus tour to New York City. It was such an awesome experience but it flew by so quickly.  Literally!  Many of my photos were taken from a window of a moving bus and I would just snap away hoping to capture something! I came across this photo tonight and I have no idea of exactly where in New York it was taken. But I love it! Maybe it's the headless eagle statue in the bottom left hand corner or the bathtub sitting on the shelf or even the unique lettering on the sign, that makes me LOVE this photo. I'm thinking since the broom is next to the garbage bag that it is open for business.  If anyone does know about this place, I'd love to hear about it. This is one time I'm just wishing I wasn't missing the whole picture.  ~ Nicole

New York City ~ November 2011



  2. No problem! :) thought it was cool too!

  3. Awesome Picture Nicole! Even when you "don't try" you still capture amazing things! :)